Historic Cornwall studio where Oasis and Muse recorded debut albums is up for sale

Oasis recorded 'Definitely Maybe' at the studio in 1994

One of Cornwall’s most famous recording studios where the likes of Oasis and Muse recorded their acclaimed debut albums is up for sale.

Sawmills Studios, in Golant, near Fowey, is being sold for over £2.25million by Exeter agents Strutt and Parker.

As reported on Cornwall Live, it’s the first time the building has come up for sale in over 50 years.


Opening in 1963 as one of the first residential recording studios in the UK, it has seen a host of famous musicians record there over the years including Robert Plant, the Stone Roses, The Verve and Supergrass alongside Oasis and Muse.


A description of the building from estate agents says: “Only accessible by boat or on foot, the property offers an unrivalled level of privacy and seclusion, surrounded by its own enchanting woodland, with the potential for a high level of self-sufficiency. It would be difficult to imagine a more…historic setting than that of The Old Sawmills.”

Queen recorded ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Sawmills in 1975 and Coldplay crafted ‘Yellow’ there in 2000.

Oasis recorded their acclaimed debut ‘Definitely Maybe’ at the studios and later returned to lay down ‘What’s The Story (Morning Glory)’ in 1995. Muse also recorded their debut ‘Showbiz’ at the studios and later ‘Origin of Symmetry’. The studio owner, Dennis Smith, eventually started to manage the band.

Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher recently revealed how he once drove a combine harvester to spy on The Stone Roses at a countryside recording studio.

After learning that the Roses were recording nearby, Gallagher and bandmate Bonehead headed out in a bid to catch a glimpse of their Manchester rivals.

Gallagher said: “We went to have a fucking little snoop. It was, ‘Right, what the fuck are they up to?’ as they hadn’t been doing anything for three years.

“I’m on about a proper combine harvester — ones you’ve got to get a ladder up to and it’s miles up. Off we fucking go, crawling down the road with the big fucking lights on. It looked bonkers. We drove it in, turned the lights off and rolled out like something out of The Professionals.”

Gallagher continued: “We could hear some fucking bassline and drums. We got caught, we went in and had a little chat,” he explained.

“We might have had a spliff and that and then we fucking fucked off. Next night they came over on a tractor. We were in bed.”