HMLTD deliver a confrontational late-night set at Bestival 2017

London's extreme noise pop band wowed The Box stage with a frenetic late-night set


HMLTD lit up The Box tent at Bestival last night (September 8) with a colourful and confrontational late-night show premiering a brand new song.

‘Is This What You Wanted?’

With singer Henry Spychalski dressed in a green suit reminiscent of Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ era and other members of the band sporting looks including tartan bondage punk, fur coats, leopardskin flares and future pirates, the band hit the stage at 1.30am with the electrothrash impact of debut single ‘Is This What You Wanted?’.


It opened a set full of genre-hopping oddities and intense horror pop such as ‘Kinkakuji’, a song about S&M urges which saw Henry barking like a maniac between sultry segments resembling a theatrical Nick Cave.



Lurching unpredictably from bossa nova sections to Marilyn Manson glam rock, HMLTD careered into ‘Music!’ with Henry shouting the title over a rising silverstorm of noise.

‘Satan, Luella And I’

Whipping off his shirt, he led the band through epic new track ‘Satan, Luella And I’, an operatic barnstormer with hints of Suede’s ‘Dog Man Star’ and Madness.

‘To The Door’

They then took on fan favourite ‘To The Door’, a manic cowboy hoedown that sounds like ‘Prince Charming’ joining Nine Inch Nails.

‘Death Drive’

“This is a brand new song, it’s the first time we’ve played it,” the band told the excitable crowd ahead of a track mingling football chant rhythms with apocalyptic thrash noise.


‘Proxy Love’

“That last song was called ‘Death Drive’ and it’s about America’,” Henry explained at the end of the song and introduced the euphoric pop stampede of ‘Proxy Love’.


The band finished the set with ‘Stained’, which climaxed with Henry crouched alone on the stage punching noises out of his vocal effects box.