Courtney Love: ‘My battle with heroin began at Charlie Sheen’s house’

Singer adds she has relapsed once more, in 2005, as 'she wanted to die'

Courtney Love has admitted that she became addicted to heroin after attending a party at actor Charlie Sheen‘s house.

Speaking with rehabilitation-focused magazine The Fix, the Hole frontwoman said that her battle with the drug began during a party at Sheen‘s mansion.

She said: “One night, my boyfriend at the time, who was working for Ben Stiller, took me to this star-studded party at Charlie Sheen‘s house in Malibu. Tom Cruise, Madonna my friend Jennifer Finch, who used to be in L7. At some point Jennifer convinced me to shoot up. ‘Come on, everyone’s doing it.’ So that’s when my whole heroin drama began.”

The singer added that after battling addiction, she had only relapsed once, in 2005 and then it was with the intention of committing suicide. She said: “I promised I would never shoot heroin again, and I haven’t, except for one incident in July 2005, where I shot myself up on purpose to kill myself.”

Love also spoke at length about how she quit drugs, saying her addictions robbed her of her sex drive and her opinion of Lady Gaga, who she described as a ‘weird, sexless Barbie doll’.