A chance meeting at the star's LA gig leads to a joyous moment for a fan...

COURTNEY LOVE has given an NME reader her guitar following a chance meeting during the grunge princess’ chaotic return to LOS ANGELES live circuit.

Love recently played a low-key, midnight show at the tiny LA Roxy club (February 20), her official live debut of songs from her current solo album ‘America’s Sweetheart’.

Hardcore fan Kaidee Milam was ticketless and stood outside the venue when she chanced across our NME writer who had a spare ticket. If that wasn’t lucky enough, Courtney took a shine to her during the show and after the gig gave her a beautiful Fender guitar.

Kaidee told NME.COM: “I didn’t even have a ticket, and like I wasn’t gonna pay the creepy, smelly scalper dude $120 for one ticket. I totally got lucky and ran into [someone] who was here for the NME who had one extra ticket!

“The show started and I got her (Courtney’s) attention. I pointed at her guitar and said, ‘I want your guitar!’ and she looked at me and was like, ’No, you’re too attractive, you’ll be good without it.’

“When the show ended she went up to Chris [Guitar tech] and was like, ’Get her up here.’ So I got up and people were yelling and I didn’t know what was going on, I thought they were kicking me out and then [someone] slapped a wristband on me and was like, ‘She wants you to have her guitar.’ I asked if I could get it signed, he said at the next show I’ll get in and get it signed because Courtney likes to do that.”

Courtney‘s new single, ‘Mono’, is released on March 15.