Melissa Auf Der Maur decides to do it on her own...

Ex-Hole and SMASHING PUMPKINS bassist MELISSA AUF DER MAUR has confirmed final details of her first solo album.

The bassist, who spent five years in Coutney Love’s band, will release a new single ’Followed The Waves’ on February 16. Her self-titled debut follows on March 1.

Speaking about the album, she said: “The recording process started in March 2001, but the songwriting took place over the last decade. It was important for me to do this on my own, before even entertaining the thought of a record company. So I got a plan together and spent every penny I made.”

Collaborators on the album include Josh Homme, Eric Erlandson and James Iha.

The tracklisting runs:

’Lightning Is My Girl’

‘Followed The Waves’

‘Real A Lie’

‘Head Unbound’

‘Taste You’

‘Beast Of Honor’

‘I’ll Be Anything You Want’

‘My Foggy Notion’

‘Would If I Could’

‘Overpower Thee’

‘Skin Receiver’

‘I Need I Want I Will’