The Hole frontwoman is recording the music for Martin Scorsese's 'Hello Suckers', in which Love is also set to star...

COURTNEY LOVE has gone into a studio to begin recording the soundtrack to her forthcoming film, ‘HELLO SUCKERS’.

The Hole frontwoman is working on the material with old associate Roddy Bottum, formerly of Faith No More.

According to Hole‘s official website, www.holemusic.com, Love is working through a number of 20s-era standards for the project, including ‘The Prisoner’s Song’, ‘There’ll Be Some Changes Made’ and ‘Alexander’s Rag Time Band’.

In the film, produced by Martin Scorsese, Love will take the role of Texas Guinan, a gin-palace idol of the period, who became known as the ‘Queen Of The Nightclubs’ during the prohibition period.

“She’s handling the music very well,” Bottum says. “She’s really a great singer. She’s got that great, husky voice, and it really works for this material.”

Filming begins later this year.