Universal reportedly make the star a massive offer after hearing rough recordings of her new band Bastard...

COURTNEY LOVE has reportedly been offered $18.5 million by UNIVERSAL RECORDS after they heard her new demo.

Love has competed recording the demo for her new group, Bastard, and is set to give some of the material its first airing at a show this evening (October 26) at the Ventura Theater in California.

According to the New York Post newspaper, Universal Records offered Love $18.5 million after hearing the demo tape, which cost $10,000, and features just five songs.

Love is currently locked in a legal battle with Universal. She claims that long-term record contracts are much longer than the seven-year legal limit in other comparable industries, such as television, film and sports.

In other news, a series of photographs taken at rehearsals for this evening’s show have been posted on her official website. To see the images, click here.