NME interview Stipe and Courtney together for the first time ever...

Michael Stipe and Courtney Love are planning to work together, either in music or on a film, in the near future.

“We’ve talked about it,” Stipe told NME. “You have to be really patient.”

NME caught up with Stipe and Courtney at Love‘s home in Los Angeles to discuss everything: Kurt Cobain, that documentary, Andy Kaufman (Courtney is appearing in a film biopic called ‘Man In The Moon’; Kaufman inspired the REM song of the same name), how they met and more. They’ve been friends for a long time although famously in Nick Broomfield‘s ‘Kurt & Courtney’, one of Love‘s ex-boyfriends shows the filmmaker one of her lists of things to do to get famous – the top item is ‘Become friends with Michael Stipe‘. This is the first interview that they have ever given together.


Check back on tomorrow for more on this unique celebrity summit plus actual photos of the event and audio clips from the meeting of the year.

The two biggest stars of the 90s in the same room, talking together and working together – click to have your say…

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