Ex- Babes In Toyland singer Kat Bjelland spills the beans...

COURTNEY LOVE has been snubbed by fellow female grunge icon KAT BJELLAND after offering the ex-BABES IN TOYLAND singer a songwriting role in her new band BASTARD.

Bjelland told NME.COM that she was approached by Courtney‘s management with a list of rules stipulating how she should conduct herself if she was appointed – before she had heard any Courtney‘s new music.

Prospective members of Bastard – which Courtney is said to have described as a “female Megadeth” – were also told that they would be under contract to Courtney, not to Epitaph Records.

Kat told NME.COM: “(Courtney) didn’t approach me personally; her manager called my manager. She had this whole concept down, outlined something like 15 rules.

“It was crazy stuff, like ‘no talking about the past’, ‘no doing drugs in the studio’, ‘you’re practising this many hours of the day’, ‘you’ll get this amount of money’. It was really crazy, really restricting. I thought it was just kind of hilarious, ‘cos aren’t you meant to just ask someone if they’re interested before you start doing that!

“I said I was flattered that they thought of me, but I can’t write songs for someone else.”

Courtney Love is now rumoured to be rehearsing and writing new material for Bastard with a view to releasing an album through Epitaph Records later on this year. NME.COM also understands that Courtney intends the all-girl Bastard to appear naked on the front cover of their debut album, save for black tape across their breasts.

Meanwhile, Bjelland has recorded an album with her new band, Katastrophy Wife, which features her husband Glen Mattson, drums. The three-piece will release their debut album ‘Amusia’ on April 30 through the London-based Almafame label.

Kat said: “I still scream, but it’s evolved, there’s a little bit more melody. I think they (Babes In Toyland fans) will like it.”

Katastrophy Wife will release a new single ‘Gone Away’ ‘ the lyrics of which are said to be Kat’s ‘take’ on Courtney – shortly after. The band plan to tour the UK around the same time.