Hole played a secret gig to 1000 competition winners in London last night...

Hole played a secret gig at the London Kentish Town Forum on Sunday night October 11 supporting THE CURE, their first UK gig since the release of LP ‘Celebrity Skin’ last month. It was organised by Miller Genuine Draft who have run similar blind dates in the US recently with acts including Garbage, Foo Fighters and Supergrass. Many of the hundreds in the audience had won their tickets via a competition run on NME.com and in NME.

The gigs are kept a closely guarded secret until the night, the audience having no idea in advance who is playing or what venue they are at. It’s a way of having bands who would normall sell out stadiums and larger venues play to crowds in club sized venues.

Dressed in a black see-through top and hipsters, Courtney Love greeted a delighted and surprised crowd, who had no idea who was playing, with “You didn’t think it would be us, did you?” before launching into their recent hit ‘Celebrity Skin’.


The band played an hour long set composed mainly of tracks from the new album, plus new single ‘Malibu’. At one point, after a request from a crowd member, she bared her breast after teasing “I’m not showing them until you lot get a lot louder!” She also taunted the crowd by teetering on the edge of the stage as if to crowdsurf, before saying “I can’t do that shit anymore, ‘cos first of all you’d break my fucking arms nowadays”.

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