Hole’s Eric Erlandson: ‘People are dead because of my stupid mistakes’

The band's former guitarist talks about his new book 'Letters To Kurt'

Former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson has spoken out over the release of his new poetry and prose book, Letters To Kurt, which deals with his musical history, drug abuse and the death of Nirvana‘s Kurt Cobain.

Discussing the content of the 52-chapter book, Erlandson opened up about the death of his ex-girlfriend Kristen Pfaff, former bassist with Hole, who died of a drugs overdose in 1994. He commented: “I admit, I made some stupid mistakes with some people, and people are dead because of my stupid mistakes. That’s what I want to say. And I want to use that, so that other people don’t make the same mistakes that I made, and other people start understanding. I get emotional about this. We’ve all lost people.”

Erlandson was the last person to see Pfaff alive before she OD’d on heroin, two months after the suicide of Kurt Cobain. Speaking to the Rolling Stone, he added: “When you’re playing around with drugs, it’s a pretty clear suicide death wish.”


He also speaks about his romantic relationship with Courtney Love in the new book, explaining that the frontwoman often denies that they were an item. “She buried it. She would never talk about it. She would always skip it,” he said. “She’s going to brush it off and say it didn’t happen.”

Love recently said that she didn’t want Erlandson to divulge too much information about their relationship in the book. According to the New York Daily News, the singer gave her blessing to the project but insisted that he didn’t mention any details about their romantic history.

She said: “I wish him well. Even more than Dave [Grohl] and [Krist] Novoselic, Eric was family… I just hope he didn’t write that we dated. We had sex, yes, but I don’t date.”

Had he not committed suicide in 1994 at the age of 27, Kurt Cobain would have turned 45 in February of this year. Of Letters To Kurt, which is out now, following the 18th anniversary of Cobain’s suicide, Erlandson says: “I think he [Kurt] would really like this book. He had a really dark sense of humor and he loved wordplay.”

Eric Erlandson is currently on a book tour of the United States.