Plus Courtney says next Hole album will be on the internet...

Hole‘s Courtney Love has told US ‘shock jock’ Howard Stern that she is planning to leave Geffen Records and wants Hole to release their next album on the internet. She told listeners that she had marched into the label’s offices and demanded that the Interscope logo be removed from her records. She also said that she disapproved of the merger that created Universal Music, one of the biggest conglomerates of labels in the world.

Courtney has already made a foray into downloaded music with their new single ‘Be A Man’. The track is taken from the soundtrack to the forthcoming Oliver Stone film about American football, Any Given Sunday, and can be heard as a streamed version or downloadable MP3 on the film’s site.

She also said that the band were currently writing new songs; US site Sonic Net reports today that bassist Eric Erlandson and drummer Samantha Moloney are currently auditioning bassists to replace Melissa Auf Der Maur who has now joined Smashing Pumpkins. Courtney said that the split with Melissa was entirely amicable.

“I’m a training camp for chicks, just like Ozzy. Melissa gave me a year of her life. Samantha will leave me next,” she said.

Courtney also said that she has written a song about Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

Dave Grohl slams me every time he’s on your show, implying that Kurt wrote all my songs,” she said. “I’m not going to slam him, but I’ve written a song about him: ‘When the drummer tries to sing, everybody better hide/When the drummer tries to sing, let’s all go inside.’

Grohl told NME last month that the song ‘Stacked Actors’ was about Courtney. Click here to read newsstory. She alleges that Kurt Cobain actually hated Grohl.

“He wouldn’t talk to Kurt, he wouldn’t deal with him, he wouldn’t return his phone calls,” Love said.

She also said that she had found Kurt‘s diary: “We read one of his diary entries where he wrote that he felt sad, depressed and betrayed by his drummer.”

Courtney‘s new film Man In The Moon opens in the US at Christmas; her next project sees her playing an FBI agent in Darker Saints.

Love will play a forensic expert trying to catch a ritualistic serial killer stalking prostitutes in New Orleans.