Plus news of upcoming Courtney Love projects...

Hole have finally admitted that bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur has left the band, after a month of silence and outright denials.

In a statement issued yesterday, Courtney Love said:

“The fabulous Melissa is an extremely talented artist and wishes to grow in many different directions. We wish her well.”

She is working on her own projects, though there is no news about whether she has joined Smashing Pumpkins as reported earlier. Hole are currently seeking a new bass player.

Hole have just recorded a new song for the soundtrack of forthcoming Oliver Stone film Be A Man called ‘Any Given Sunday’. Courtney will also collaborate with Li’l Kim on a hip hop track called ‘Good Girls’.

Courtney Lover is also planning her directorial debut after winning the rights to ‘Bye Bye Baby’ a book about teenage obsession with the Bay City Rollers by Caroline Sullivan. Click here to read the full statement.