Holly Humberstone shares new Matty Healy collab ‘Sleep Tight’

The rising pop star co-wrote the track with The 1975 frontman and longtime collaborator Rob Milton

Holly Humberstone has shared her new single ‘Sleep Tight’, co-written with The 1975’s Matty Healy and long-time collaborator Rob Milton.

The track follows ‘London Is Lonely’, the NME Award-winning rising pop artist’s first release of 2022.

‘Sleep Tight’ finds Humberstone dealing with a friendship that’s become something more. “And oh my god, I’ve done it again / I almost killed our friendship and I sure hope it’s worth it,” she sings at one point. “And I got all this stuff boiling up / Cos I got drunk and said too much.”


“It’s awkward trying to navigate catching feelings for a friend, as they are often feelings we might have been suppressing for some time,” Humberstone explained in a press release. “When they float to the surface, you have to weigh up the risks of getting hurt and potentially losing them in your life. I wrote ‘Sleep Tight’ about the uncertainty of friendships evolving into something more.

“The first summer out of lockdown was pretty crazy for my friends and I because we finally had our freedom back and acted like we had nothing to lose. This song takes me back to that time of what felt like no consequences and impending heartbreak.”

The new single is Humberstone’s second collaboration with Healy. The pair previously co-wrote ‘Please Don’t Leave Just Yet’, which featured on her second EP ‘The Walls Are Way Too Thin’.

The star won the award for Best Mixtape at the BandLab NME Awards 2022 for that release. “I just feel really lucky,” she told NME on the red carpet at the event. “[‘The Walls Are Way Too Thin’] is a really special piece of work to me, and I’m glad you guys like it.

“It’s so cool, it’s such an honour. My family used to collect the NME demo CDs when I was young, so I discovered loads of my favourite music through those CDs. So to be here, nominated for Best Mixtape, is bizarre and really, really cool.”


Humberstone previously confirmed to NME at Reading 2021 that she had written more songs with Healy. When asked about the differences between her relationship with Healy compared to previous collaborators, Humberstone said: “I think there’s a big difference between working with other writers that just write, and then people [like Matty] who wear their heart on their sleeve every day when they come into the studio to write about everything that they’re feeling.”

The rising star is currently on tour supporting Olivia Rodrigo in the US and will return to the UK for her biggest headline dates in June, ahead of a summer of festival appearances. See all the dates and buy tickets here. 

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