Holy Fuck reveal softer, sentimental side

Band tell relaunched Bleep.com they're down with romance and love letters

Holy Fuck‘s Matt McQuaid has admitted some of his favourite music is by folk artists.

Despite his band being known for their unique style of feedback-drenched electronica, the bassist told Bleep.com that he likes nothing more than chilling out listening to bands including The Hidden Cameras in his spare time.

McQuaid is one of a host of musicians to choose their top five songs for Bleep.com – which is also celebrating it’s fifth birthday today (January 23).

The post-rock man’s selections may surprise Holy Fuck fans – he’s singled out The Magnetic Fields and Canadian folk star Corb Lund as his favourite artists.

McQuaid called The Magnetic Fields‘ singer Stephen Merritt “ebullient”, before praising the band’s 2000 LP ’69 Love Songs’‘.

“To remain so lucid in his long love letter to romance across so many tracks is testament to Merritt‘s songwriting quality,” he said. “That his band keep up the inventiveness makes the whole piece sparkle with the air of a masterwork.”

McQuaid‘s top five songs are:

Blonde Redhead – ’23’

Corb Lund – ‘Hair In My Eyes Like a Highland Steer’

The Hidden Cameras – ‘The Smell of Our Own’

The Magnetic Fields – ’69 Love Songs’

Paul Westerberg – ‘Folker’

See Bleep.com for more selections.