Hoops have split up following sex abuse claims against former member

Their forthcoming new album 'Halo' has also been shelved

Hoops have announced they are splitting up following sexual abuse allegations against a former member.

Frontman Drew Auscherman took to Instagram to post a statement about the claims.

He wrote: “We’ve been seeing some pretty terrible things on Twitter over the past week involving a former member of the band. I feel it’s necessary to say that we as people and as a band abhor that kind of behaviour and do not tolerate sexual abuse in any form.”

Auscherman said the ex-member, who he didn’t name, left the band “for reasons unrelated to this situation.”

Hoops later split in 2018 before making a return with new music in November 2019 with a line up featuring Auscherman, Kevin Krauter, and Keagan Beresford.

Hoops were due to release new album ‘Halo’ through their label Fat Possum on October 2.

But the label has also released a statement saying it will not be released.

It added: “In light of Hoops’ announcement regarding allegations against a former member, Fat Possum will not be releasing their album ‘Halo’. Refunds on album pre-orders will be issued as quickly as possible.

“The label does not tolerate sexual abuse of any kind.”

Hoops started as a solo project for Auscherman in December 2011. The band eventually went on to release their debut ‘Routines’ in 2017.

For help, advice or more information regarding sexual harassment, assault and rape in the UK, visit the Rape Crisis charity website. In the US, visit RAINN.