Chichester’s finest return home for small pub gig…

Hope Of The States made a triumphant return to their hometown of CHICHESTER on Friday (September 10).

The band went back their roots when they played a small gig in a pub called The Hope.

Fans began turning up at the venue from 3pm, with a huge queue building as the doors were shut for soundcheck. The local crowd then piled into the 200-capacity venue.


At the end of the set, Hope Of The States attempted to leave the stage. One eager fan grabbed the microphone and started shouting, “We want more!”, at which point the band returned for two more songs.

One fan told NME.COM: “We also chanted at one point for some Libertines (songs) but that didn’t happen! there was even some moshing and it looked like the speakers and lights might get knocked over by crowd at one point! But it was all OK in the end.”

The gig marked the first time the group had returned to Chichester for two years.

Hope Of The States will jet off for a few weeks touring in the States before returning for a full UK tour next month, which kicks off at Belfast University on October 17.

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