The band talk to NME.COM about their eventful first trip to North America...

Hope Of The States are heading to Japan today (August 2) following a successful tour of the US.

Frontman Sam Herlihy told NME.COM the three-date jaunt, which hit New York, Toronto and ended in Los Angeles Thursday (July 29), has been a triumph.

“It’s just been a complete surprise to us really – everything about it. We’ve just had an absolute blast,” he said. “We haven’t even got a record out and people are coming and not just stood there arms folded, impress me, but really seem to be getting into it. The shows have been really, really special.”


Herlihy said the band have encountered their share of troubles though. Besides having to put back their tour when their visas weren’t processed in time for the July 20 opener in LA (it was moved to July 28), bassist Paul Wilson was forced to stay home, and the band had to utilise replacement Keith Seymour.

“Paul’s basically screwed his hand. He’s got tendonitis and he’s trying to find out whether he has to have an operation,” the singer said. “We’re not shy of a million disasters, one after another. A few months ago Simon (Jones), when he finished his drum parts for the record, he had to go home to get an operation on his hand and he had two months in recovery from that – so we’re pretty cursed really.”

Despite the headaches, including a piano cutting out at the Toronto gig, Herlihy said the band finally have had a chance to relax following their final tour stop in LA.

“We’ve all been running around together and getting drunk and that’s been really nice. I met (Small Faces) Steve Marriott’s son and Lemmy from Motorhead was in the bar as well. That was pretty cool.”

Hope Of The States head out for their first Japanese tour today (August 2) where they hit the Summer Sonic festival.

“Everybody just says the first time you go [to Japan], it’s insane and it’s amazing,” Herlihy said. “There’s a load of our favourite bands and people that we know in bands that are playing Summer Sonic and I think we’re all in the same hotel as well so it should be a good laugh for a few days.”