And are they the States' fresh new hope? Read on and find out...

After visa problems delayed their first tour of the states, Hope Of The States have finally landed on US soil and played a rousing set in front of a packed NEW YORK crowd last night (July 22).

Over the course of an hour, the band performed virtually their entire debut album ’The Lost Riots’ at the Bowery Ballroom. Lead singer Sam Herlihy appeared mellow but happy to be in the USA.

As a video screen displayed everything from a rapid-fire succession of planes and silhouetted hawks to to bleak animations, the sextet barely finished one song before going into the next.


After playing ‘Black Dollar Bills’, one of the most applauded songs of the night, Herlihy ranted about the heat of New York in July before stopping himself and saying, “How British is it of me to talk about the fuckin’ weather?”

While the crowd appreciated the humour, it was the sheer intensity of the performance that made the gig memorable. Violinist Mike Siddell broke his bow twice and songs like ‘The Black Amnesias’ and ‘The Red The White The Black The Blue’ were pushed ever harder than on the record.

The band played:

’The Black Amnesias’

’George Washington’

’66 Sleepers to Summer’


’Black Dollar Bills’



’The Red The White The Black The Blue’

’Me Ves Y Sufres’


’Don’t Go To Pieces’

’A Crack-Up At The Race Riots’