But we've got tickets to give away for when they finally do make it...

Hope Of The States had to cancel their US debut this weekend – but NME.COM can get you in for free when they do actually make it.

The band were due to play their first Stateside show next Wednesday (July 21) at the Los Angeles Troubadour, but had to cancel after encountering problems securing visas to enter the US.

However, they did not get their permits in from the embassy in time and will have to miss the show. They are still expected to make shows at New York Bowery Ballroom (22) and Toronto Lees Place (26).

The band are hoping to reschedule a Los Angeles date for the following week.

NME.COM has 25 pairs of tickets to give away to US and Canadian users for those two shows. Click [url=]here for the chance to win.