The Horrors’ Faris Badwan: ‘I’m suspicious of anyone who is experimental with footwear’

His band are currently working on a new album

The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan has admitted he can’t understand why people wear shoes to make a fashion statement.

The singer, who is renowned for wearing skinny jeans, said he was always suspicious of “experimental footwear”.

”I’m very suspicious if anyone who is experimental with footwear. I prefer to stick to smart, classic and British styles,” he said.

The singer also revealed that he always sticks to wearing black as he looks ”very ill” in other colours.

He told GQ Magazine: ”I like jeans that stop at the ankles and I love drainpipes. My favourite jeans are Levi’s.

”I stick to wearing black because brown makes me look very ill, and I already have a tendency to look ill anyway.”

Badwan also revealed how The Vaccines guitarist Freddie Cowan recently got a shock when he reached into his bag.

”In my bag I carry an electric-shock pen,” the singer explained. ”Recently, I asked my friend Freddie Cowan for his autograph. When he reached into my bag, he got a sharp jolt. He was so angry, he threw the pen out of the window.”

Earlier this year, the singer released a new album with his side project Cat’s Eyes. ‘Treasure House’, was recorded at Real World Studios in 2015 and was produced and mixed by Steve Osborne (New Order, Suede, Happy Mondays). It was the first studio album since their self-titled debut LP in 2011.

Last year, he also gave an update on the next Horrors album.

At the time, Badwan said: “We’re recording our new record at the moment. It’s a traditionally long process with The Horrors. It’s going well now.”

But he didn’t reveal what the new material is like. “Don’t ask me what it sounds like,” he said. “I could say anything to you now and it’d sound completely different by the time we finish.”