Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor denies pop is getting ‘louder and blander’

'There's always exciting records being made' says the singer

Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor has responded to a recent scientific report which claims pop music is becoming louder and blander.

Conducted by a Spanish research team, the report released in July states pop songs have become blander and less diverse in the last 50 years, citing a “progressive homogenisation in the musical discourse”.

Speaking to NME, Taylor said: “There’s always exciting records being made. I don’t know whether much of that is in the mainstream at the moment and the heyday of exciting R&B and hip-hop seems to be over.”

“Things like Rodney Jerkins productions and Timbaland productions, and everything related to Destiny’s Child and Whitney Houston – they were exciting and pushing things forward,” he said. “Right now, I don’t hear much of those things. I hear more trance-y hip-hop, David Guetta style productions.”

Speaking about his favourite pop artists at the moment, he added: “I think Rihanna’s really good and I feel like whatever context she’s in, I can connect to it. Not every singer can get you emotionally and I think she can. Having said that, I prefer her tracks before they were euphoric and trance-y.”

The singer also spoke of his band’s chances of being nominated for this year’s Mercury Music Prize for fifth album ‘In Our Heads’. “I think this is the best record we’ve made. I really like how it turned out so it’s nice to think other people might have listened to it and thought the same thing. We’re not expecting to win though.”

The shortlist for the Mercury Prize is announced on September 12 with the ceremony taking place at London’s Roundhouse on November 1.