Hot Chip confirm ‘end of the night’ album for start of 2010

Band set to mellow out for 'Made In The Dark' follow-up

Hot Chip have confirmed that they plan to release a new album at the start of 2010, revealing that it will follow a more mellow route than 2008’s ‘Made In The Dark’.

Synth player Joe Goddard told BBC 6music that Womack And Womack‘s 1988 hit ‘Teardrops’ and Crystal Waters‘s 1991 track ‘Gypsy Woman’ were musical reference points for the new album.

He described the band’s new material as “end of the night tunes”.

Goddard said: “We’re stepping things down a bit because we want to make this next album quite simple, gentle, focused. Just ten or 11 tracks of really excellent pop songs that hopefully will become timeless classics.

“They’ll be club tunes but not the really banging ones. We just felt like we wanted to focus on trying to write some really strong pop songs, rather than making hard, aggressive dance floor tracks that have bits of songs bolted onto them.”

Songs that may be included on the album include ‘Alley Cats’ and ‘One Life Band’.