Hot Chip speak about new album

Joe Goddard speaks to NME.COM about 'Made In The Dark'

Hot Chip are due to release their third album, ‘Made In The Dark’ on February 4 2008, and band member Joe Goddard has talked to NME.COM about the making of the record.

‘Made In The Dark’ saw the band enter a proper music studio – Shoreditch’s Strongrooms studio – for the first time, for the tracks ‘One Pure Thought’, ‘Hold On’ and album opener ‘Out At The Pictures’.

“We wanted to record properly as a band for the first time,” explained Goddard, talking about why the band decided to make the change. “My bedroom is only six foot wide and it’s got my bed in it, so I would have had to choose between my girlfriend and the band if I wanted to record it all in there!

“Our aim was to make the bedroom-recorded stuff, like ‘Shake A Fist’ and [first single] ‘Ready For The Floor’, just as exciting and vital as the studio stuff.

Goddard went on to explain that the album mixes high-tempo dance-influenced songs with slower, ballad-style numbers. “Alexis [Taylor, fellow band member] is a Willie Nelson fan, and I buy a lot of dance music,” he said, explaining how the two styles came together for the album. “We have a rare chemistry, I’m proud of it.

“We’re looking forward to peoples’ reactions,” Goddard said. “But we’re half terrified too! But so far I’m pretty damn happy with the album.”