Hot Chip: the truth about ‘Kylie collaboration’

Plus band reveal release date of new album

Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor has revealed that his band’s song ‘Ready For The Floor’, a track that has been described as being written specifically for Kylie Minogue, was not in fact written for the singer.

Taylor told NME.COM that the song was written by the band before any possible collaboration with Minogue was suggested.

He explained that Hot Chip were given the opportunity to meet with Minogue’s “top-line songwriter” and asked to write some music for her.


When the band were asked for their submissions they hadn’t written any yet, so offered ‘Ready For The Floor’, which they felt would be well suited to Minogue.

However, the meeting with Minogue’s songwriter never occurred, as the band were too busy recording their third album.

Minogue has not heard the song and it has not been rejected by her management, as had been previously reported.

Taylor said he would love to write music for Minogue in the future, but so far nothing has materialised.

Meanwhile, he revealed the details of Hot Chip‘s forthcoming third album.

The album will be titled ‘Made In The Dark’, and is scheduled to be released on February 4, 2008.


The release will feature ‘Ready For The Floor’, which is likely to be the album’s lead single, and ‘Shake A Fist’, a song currently circulating on the club scene.

Taylor explained that half of the songs on the album were recorded in the bands’ homes on home-recording equipment, with the other half recorded during live studio takes – the first time the band have recorded in a conventional recording studio.

Speaking about what ‘Made In The Dark’ will sound like, Taylor described the album as “much heavier” than the band’s previous work.

“It will surprise people,” he added. “It’s a lot more like a live band sound, it’s a lot rockier. There’s even metal influences in some places.

“There’s a song about wrestling that could be a single, and a track about a famous British drinking establishment. There are some weird things on the record that we haven’t been known for writing about before.”