Hot Chip cover New Order in LA

Londoners preview new material at sold-out show

Hot Chip previewed new material and covered New Order during their sold-out show at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles last night (June 13).

Standing behind four keyboards arranged in a semicircle, the London quintet previewed several new tracks from an album they said would come out next year, including ‘Shake A Fist’, ‘One Pure Thought’ and ‘Bendable Poseable’.

“Thanks for sitting through the new ones…we like the feedback,” said guitarist/keyboardist Owen Clarke.


The band looked like five normal guys swigging Jagermeister and beer throughout the night.

Despite their subdued stage presence and minimal audience interaction, they got a strong reaction from the crowd, which included cast members from American television programmes ‘Lost’ and ‘That ’70s Show’.

Toward the end of their 80-minute set, the band launched into the classic New Order track, ‘Temptation’, from 1987’s ‘Substance’, eliciting cheers from the crowd.

A few audience members attempted to crowd surf but didn’t get very far, while others blew bubbles, jumped up and down and waved their fists in the air.

‘The Warning’ garnered a massive sing-along, while ‘Over And Over’ got the biggest audience response.

Hot Chip played:


‘Out At The Pictures’

‘Shake A Fist’

‘Boy From School’

‘Hold On’

‘Just Like We Breakdown’

‘One Pure Thought’

‘Bendable Poseable’

‘No Fit State’

‘The Warning’


‘Over And Over’

‘Crap Kraft Dinner’

‘Ready For the Floor/Privacy’

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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