Hot Chip play rejected Kylie song in London

Band perform 'Ready For The Floor' at Somerset House gig

Hot Chip performed new track ‘Ready For The Floor’ last night at their Somerset House open-air show in London last night (July 21).

The song, written by the band, was originally touted to be released by Kylie Minogue before the collaboration fell through.

“We’re going to play a new song now,” said Hot Chip keyboardist/guitarist Al Doyle half-way through their set at the sold-out gig. “At one time we were going to give it to Kylie Minogue, but it wasn’t really good enough,” he jokingly added, before the band performed the track.

Underpinned by a thumping house beat, ‘Ready For The Floor’ sounds like the band’s more melodic moments from their 2006 album, ‘The Warning’, crossed with Kylie‘s dancier pop hits such as ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’.

With main vocals by Hot Chip main songwriter Alexis Taylor, it features a hugely catchy chorus that could see the song become a big hit.

The band first played ‘Ready For The Floor’ live on April 25 at New York‘s Webster Hall venue. With 3,000 fans at Somerset House, this was the largest crowd the song had been aired to.

The band had already played a series of new songs to kick off the show. The new tracks show a continuation from ‘The Warning’’s electro-dance theme, but with more focus on vocals and melody.

Other set highlights were a re-worked version of ‘Boy From School’ and crowd favourite ‘Over And Over’. Halfway through the latter song the band teased the crowd by cutting the music for a few seconds, then kicking back in, prompting fans to cheer and dance en masse.

Just before the band closed their set band member Joe Goddard invited the audience to their after-party at the Shunt club in London Bridge, which the band had hired out for a celebratory bash.