Hot Chip’s T In The Park set hit by power cut

Band forced to leave stage on first day of 2010 event

Hot Chip‘s T In The Park show came to an unexpected halt this evening (July 9) when the power cut out four songs into their King Tut’s Wah Wah Tent show.

The London electro-popsters were reaching the end of fourth song ‘Over And Over’ when the sound suddenly cut out while they were still playing their instruments.

The five-piece left the stage to let sound engineers work on the problem, with frontman Alexis Taylor briefly trying to flick on and off the amps to no avail.

However, after a bout of boos from impatient crowd members, they returned to the stage 12 minutes later. “Long story short, the power went out, it came back on again,” guitarist Al Doyle said, before they geared back up and played ‘Hand Me Down Your Love’.

The group found time to play five more songs, thanking the large crowd for their patience and ending the set with a rapturous version of 2008 single ‘Ready For The Floor’.

Hot Chip played:

‘And I Was A Boy From School’
‘One Pure Thought’
‘One Life Stand’
‘Over And Over’
‘Hand Me Down Your Love’
‘Take It In’
‘We Have Love’
‘Hold On’
‘I Feel Better’
‘Ready For The Floor’

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