Hot Chip remixes Hayley Williams’ ‘Dead Horse’

The third remix from 'Petals For Armor'

Hayley Williams has shared another remix from her ‘Petals For Armor’ solo debut. This time, it’s a glitchy Hot Chip rework of ‘Dead Horse’.

Glass Animals remixed the same song late last month. Caroline Polachek remixed Williams’ ‘Simmer’ in March. Listen to Hot Chip’s remix of ‘Dead Horse’ below:


‘Petals For Armor’ was released in May, marking the Paramore frontwoman’s first full-length solo release. In a four-star reviewNME said of the record: “From a less skilled artist, such a disparate-sounding album might morph into a collage of loose touchstones. Hayley Williams, on the other hand, draws clearly from other artists but retains her voice at the centre.”

Speaking to NME for the Big Read cover feature before its release, Williams explained ‘Dead Horse’ was about her relationship with her ex-husband, New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert.

“My angst and rage has been a protective layer for the softer sadness and shame that I feel. ‘Dead Horse’ came just after ripping off the last band-aid. It was about finding this bubbling lava underneath a hard stone. It was like digging up bones,” she said.

The ‘Dead Horse’ remix marks Hot Chip’s first new music of 2020. The band released their last studio album, ‘Bath Full of Ecstasy’ in 2019, with an album of remixes from Paul Woolford, Popof, Kink, Locum and more following in kind.