Hot Hot Heat unveil new album tracklisting

Steve Bays reveals all about 'Happiness Ltd'

Hot Hot Heat have revealed details of their fifth album, which is set for an early summer release.

Speaking to NME.COM frontman Steve Bays revealed they had recorded and mastered an entire album by mid-2006, but decided to go back in and work on some newer material.

“We pretty much finished the record in June and then started writing all this new stuff and it was just a mess,” he reveals. “We were extending how long we were going to be working on the record for, so we ended up going back and remixing stuff.”


But Bays has no regrets about taking the extra time to complete the album.

He told NME.COM: “I’m so glad we did because it was definitely worth it. When I listen to the original mastered version of the CD that we had eight months ago it’s nowhere near as good.”

And the singer insisted the album has a different feel to their previous records.

He added: “The songs ended up having a lot more depth than anything we had written before, the stuff I was singing about, the sounds that we were getting. We ended up pushing it in a direction that’s still really high energy, but it’s more of a nighttime feel.”

The tracklisting is:


‘Happiness Ltd.’

‘Let Me In’

‘5 Times Out of 100’

‘Harmonicas & Tambourines’

‘Outta Heart’

‘My Best Fiend’


‘Give Up?’

‘Good Way To Die’

‘So So Cold’

‘Waiting For Nothing’

–By our New York staff.

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