Hot Hot Heat reveal new album details

The band have written follow up to ‘Elevator’

Hot Hot Heat have written enough material for the follow up to ‘Elevator’ – and are working out the best time to record the tracks.

The new album is set for release later this year.

“We’re kind of staggering the touring a bit at this point just to write more songs for our next record which I think we’re all excited about. And then maybe test ‘em out just on tour, maybe in February, and then hopefully be in the studio for the sprin,” singer Steve Bays told


Describing the band’s erratic writing schedule, Bays said they have been writing different songs in different cities.

“We wrote a song in Spain, we wrote a song in Chicago…and when you write lyrics on the road they tend to be more psychedelic,” drummer Paul Hawley said. “There’s one song that we started at the beginning of this tour and I think we’ve jammed it every day. It’s been played all around the world in many, many different places and I think that’s kind of a cool thing.”

The band have yet to find a producer for the as-yet-untitled album.