Dante DeCaro's replacement is unveiled...

Hot Hot Heat have announced their new guitarist will be SAN FRANCISCO musician LUKE PAQUIN.

Paquin replaces Dante DeCaro, who announced his departure from the Canadian quartet earlier this year.

Hot Hot Heat met Paquin, a former member of The Stradlers, while recording their April due album ‘Elevator’ with producer Dave Sardy, in Los Angeles, earlier this year.


The axeman will now head up to the band’s home base in Vancouver, Canada to start rehearsals for Hot Hot Heat’s proposed February tour.

The band will release ‘Elevator’s’ first single, ‘U Owe Me And IOU’, in March 2005.

Other tracks slated for the release include ‘Running Out Of Time’, ‘Island Of The Honest Man’, ‘Dirty Mouth’, ‘No Jokes – Fact’, ‘Goodnight, Goodnight’, ‘Middle Of Nowhere’, ‘Pickin’ It Up’, ‘Ladies And Gentlemen’, ‘Elevator’, ‘Shame On You’, ‘Soldier In A Box’ and ‘Jingle Jangle’.

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