Justin Hawkins’ Hot Leg kicks into action at SXSW

Former Darkness man gets the leather out for Austin show

Justin Hawkins got up close and personal with his crowd tonight (March 21) at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, playing with his new band Hot Leg.

The frontman, formerly of The Darkness, got a fan to hoist him onto his shoulders towards the end of the band’s 11pm (CST) show at Emo’s Annex, with the fan making a circular walk around the venue while Hawkins played guitar.

Hot Leg were pulling out all the glam-rock stops for the show. Hawkins wore a leather jumpsuit complemented by his perm-style hair, while the four-piece head-banged throughout the set, playing impressive guitar solos along with falsetto wailing.

Hawkins almost slipped a cover version into the set, saying, “Shall we play a Todd Rundgren song?”, instead choosing to close the show with their own number ‘Cocktails’.

Hot Leg played:

‘I’ve Met Jesus’
‘Trojan Guitar
‘You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore’
‘Gay In The ’80s’
‘Prima Dona’
‘Whichever Way You Wanna Give It’

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