This incredible tracker will make losing your mates at festivals a thing of the past

But it is a *bit* Black Mirror

A company claiming to have created the “most advanced long distance tracker” could put an end to a big festival problem – losing your friends.

The LynQ tracker, currently in the pre-crowdfunding stage on IndieGoGo, can track up to 12 people within a broad 3 mile radius, and works without phone signal or wifi.

If your friend heads to the toilet mid-gig or gets lost in the hoards of people queueing for hotdogs, the tracker will help you find them again with an accurate distance estimation.


You don’t have to worry about running out of battery, as the tracker runs for three days on a single charge.

It could also probably help avoid some of these classic festival horror stories.

Not just for festival junkies, the tracker could also prove essential for extreme sports fans, families with small children, or tourists sucked into crowds.

However, the LynQ does bear some similarities with the controversial tech used in the Black Mirror season four episode ‘Arkangel’, in which parents track their children’s whereabouts using a brain chip.


Meanwhile, festival headliner announcements from all over Europe have been rolling in over the past few weeks.

Indie legends Arctic Monkeys have revealed they will be returning to the live stage with a range of festival dates this summer, from Primavera to Flow Festival and Nos Alive. See the full list of Arctic Monkey’s 2018 tour dates here.

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