Latest album from U2 and Tricky collaborator arrives...

Howie B, occasional U2, Tricky and Brian Eno collaborator, returns with a new album on March 1 called ‘Snatch’.

‘Snatch’ is his third album, though recently he’s become better known as a DJ (he spun discs on the ‘Popmart’ tour), remixer and producer for other artists as diverse as Bjork and Robbie Robertson. It continues in the experimental vein of ‘Music For Babies’ and ‘Turn The Dark Off’. The tracks are ‘Gallway’, ‘Sniffer Dog’, ‘Cook For You’, ‘Trust’, ‘Cotton High’, ‘Anniversary’, ‘To Kiss You’, ‘Maniac Melody’, ‘Black Oak’, ‘I Can Sing But I Don’t Want To’ and ‘She Called Again’.

Animators Colin Waddell and Run Wrake have produced a video for ‘Maniac Melody’ which is a possible single.

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