Howling Bells play intimate London show

Band play live on NME Radio

Howling Bells played an intimate club show last night (March 7) at the Punk nightclub in London.

The band played in front of competition winners with the show broadcast live on NME Radio.

Frontwoman Juanita Stein was in energetic form for the gig, dancing through the crowd as she sung ‘Golden Web’. The biggest cheer of the night, meanwhile, was reserved for a rapturously-received ‘Low Happening’.


Howling Bells played:

‘Treasure Hunt’

‘It Ain’t You’

‘Broken Bones’

‘Blessed Night’



‘Setting Sun’

‘Golden Web’

‘Radio Wars Theme’

‘Into The Chaos’

‘Digital Heart’

‘Low Happening’

‘Cities Burning Down’

‘To LA’