Hozier on The Pope’s gay rights stance: ‘I think the church provides an excuse for homophobia’

Irish star says The Pope's comments on gay rights come a century too late

Irish star Hozier has hit out at The Pope’s recent comments about gay rights, accusing the leader of the Catholic Church of paying “lip service” to the cause.

In making the comments on Larry King Now on November 2, Hozier also linked his single with a call for gay rights, explaining that he was driven to write the track in response to the church’s “aversion to homosexuality”.

“This is one of the paradoxes and weird hypocrisy of that organisation,” Hozier said, referring to the Catholic Church. “The Pope came here last year and said, ‘Who am I to judge with regards to somebody’s sexual orientation?'”


“I think it is important to differentiate between lip service towards something and actually making change. I think it is hopeful, but saying this in 2015, ‘Who am I to judge?’ is something that should have been said 100 years ago.”


Hozier added: “It is [an institution] that has institutionalised gender inequality as well, dangerous policy over contraception and, in this case, it still harbours an irrational aversion to homosexuality. Which, in my view, I think that is why I was driven to write ‘Take Me To Church’. I think the church provides an excuse for homophobia.”

The singer only recently told legendary Irish presenter Gay Byrne that he feels the Catholic Church needs to stay out of people’s relationships, and has also spoken about his dislike of the concept of baptism, telling Byrne back in September:

“I think the Catholic Church has a very unique position in Ireland, that all of these things are influenced and have been very heavily influenced over the years by that organisation.”

He went on to say: “I’m not cross about the idea of baptism, I just think the idea that when a child is born it is inherently sinful and carries sin and needs to be cleaned in order for it to be all right and all good with its creator, I just think that’s an absurd notion.”

You can watch Hozier’s Larry King interview in full, here.