HTRK founding member Sean Stewart dies

Bandmates say they're 'heartbroken' as bassist's death is confirmed

HTRK founding member Sean Stewart has died, the band have confirmed.

The bass player passed away at home in London on March 18.

Having returned to Melbourne, Australia, where the trio originally come from, the two reamining members, guitarist Nigel Yang and singer Jonnine Standish, issued a short statement about their bandmate.


“We are utterly heartbroken. Sean‘s bass lines and ideas set the scene for every HTRK song,” they said. “He explored pleasure and pain with an intensity so rare. He was as charming as he was strange and beautiful. We truly loved him – he will be so dearly missed.”

The death has widely been speculated to be suicide, but this remains unconfirmed.

HTRK, who formed in Melbourne in 2003, had stints living in Berlin and London, where they released a series of singles and EPs, ahead of last year’s debut album ‘Marry Me Tonight’ which was rated 8/10 by NME.

The band were championed by a host of other acts, including The Horrors and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who they toured with last year.