Hudson Mohawke and Zomby involved in fight at London nightclub

The producers carried on the bust-up on Twitter

Hudson Mohawke and Zomby allegedly got into a fight at London’s XOYO venue last night (March 7), Consequence Of Sound reports.

Although it’s unclear exactly what prompted the altercation, both producers swapped angry tweets with Zomby even posting a picture of his bloody knuckle with the caption: “Seen cut thumb from hudmo teeth. Next time xx”. The tweet, along with some others, has since been deleted.

Not all of the messages have been removed, however. In one, Hudson Mohawke writes: “1st time in very very long time i felt genuine pity for a fellow human, sposed to be an adult come on @ZombyMusic embarrassing urself. AGAIN.”

Meanwhile, footage of Hudson Mohawke playing the original version of Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’ at a gig in Leeds last month (February 15) emerged online recently.

The clip above was filmed during a DJ set by the Scottish producer, who worked with West on his 2013 album ‘Yeezus’, at Canal Mills in the Yorkshire city on Saturday night. The song appears to have a different beat and vocals to the 2013 song, which inspired a lurid video featuring Kim Kardashian and a motorbike.