Hudson Mohawke to headline Future Underground’s opening night tomorrow

The Red Bull event announces its headliners just 24 hours in advance

Hudson Mohawke will open the Red Bull Studios Future Underground event in Islington this week, with tickets to be made available over the coming 24 hours.

The first night of the three-day event – which takes place in Collins Music Hall in Islington Green – is set to feature a range of guest stars, all handpicked by the headliner.

As well as an unannounced special guest, Hudson Mohawke will be accompanied by DJ Eclair Fifi and classical ensemble London Sinfonietta. The latter, who are the resident orchestra at the Southbank Centre, will focus on the work of Steve Reich and Philip Glass at Mohawke’s request.


One of the show’s aims is to “challenge young London’s preconceptions on classical music.”

NMEPress/Tim Saccenti

Tickets will be available through a variety of channels over the coming 24-hours, with info distributed through the Red Bull event page and their Twitter handle @RedBullUK. The event will also be live-streamed via the event page tomorrow night.

Tickets will be available only with codes distributed through the company’s various social outlets and through some of the acts involved, and are priced at £5. Proceeds from the gig go to Red Bull’s spinal injury charity ‘Wings for Life’.

Earlier this year, Ross Birchard told NME about his recent changes in style under the Hudson Mohawke moniker when it comes to production and variety:

“I was sitting at home going, ‘How can I make this song sound even crazier and complicated and weird?’” With ‘Lantern’, however, “I tried to achieve more with less. Previously, I would’ve said a song wasn’t finished until there were 200 different elements flying all over the place. I still love ‘Butter’ but I think a lot of it was an exercise in technicality rather than songwriting. People who are involved in music production really loved it, but as far as a wider audience, most people were like, ‘What the fuck is this?’”