Hudson Mohawke posts Pusha T ‘Amen’ remix featuring Kanye West and Young Jeezy

Track originally released in 2011

Hudson Mohawke has posted his remix of Pusha T’s ‘Amen’ – almost four whole years after the original was released.

Produced by Shawty Redd, ‘Amen’ featured on Pusha’s 2011 album ‘Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray’. Both that version and this previously unshared remix feature verses from Kanye West and Young Jeezy. Click below to listen.

HudMo’s latest solo album ‘Lantern’ was released in June. The producer’s first full-length in six years, the LP featured collaborations with Anthony Hegarty, Miguel and Jhené Aiko, among others. Speaking to NME in April, Mohawke discussed how working with West and Rick Rubin influenced his new album.

“A lot of [the inspiration for ‘Lantern’] was observing how Rick Rubin works,” he said. “Just being in his company and observing the fact that he’s not playing with keyboards, he’s not touching a mouse, not looking at a screen. He’s just got his eyes closed, listening. So if I’ve almost finished something, and I wanna listen to it, the computer screen gets turned off. I’ll go and stand outside the room and listen to it as if it’s playing in a club.”