Hundred Reason to let fans appear on single

The band plan release ahead of UK tour

Brit rockers Hundred Reasons are giving fans the chance to appear on their forthcoming single.

The group are asking fans to send links of their own band’s websites and MP3s to them at their My Space site and Hundred Reasons will pick their favourite to appear on the EP.

The limited edition single will be released early to people who attend their forthcoming tour, before making it available as a download after the tour finishes.


Hundred Reasons play the following dates

Birmingham Barfly (Dec 12)

Cardiff Barfly (13)

London Barfly (14)

Liverpool Barfly (15)

Glasgow Barfly (16)


York Barfly (17)

For ticket availability, go to NME Tickets or call them on 0870 1 663 663.

Meanwhile Hundred Reason have completed recording their third album with guitarist Larry Hibbitt, who produced the record, currently in LA mixing it with Oasis producer Dave Sardy.

“The next album is shaping up to be one angry bastard of a rock record, the product of a very frustrating twelve months,” explained Hibbitt of the band’s work. “We can’t wait to get it released and for us to get back on tour where we belong.”