Alex Lowe set to be first on ex-Creation boss' new label...

Former HURRICANE # 1 lead singer ALEX LOWE looks likely to be the first signing to ALAN MCGEE’S new label, POPTONES, nme.com can reveal.

Lowe has been recording tracks in a studio in Aberdeen for the last six weeks following the demise of his former band when guitarist Andy Bell joined Oasis. He had completed six songs for his first album when McGee contacted him about the new label.

Those six tracks are: ‘I’ll Be On My Way’, ‘Across The Waves’, ‘Think Of You That Way’, ‘Sleepless Standing In The Rain’, ‘Your Love’ and ‘We Can’t Seem To Find’.


Lowe played all the instruments himself and the tracks are as yet unmixed. He hopes to get a band together for live shows but will officially remain a solo artist. When nme.com heard the tracks, Lowe said neither McGee nor his own mother had heard them yet.

Lowe continued: “I don’t know what people will think of it. I do want people to like them though as I think I lot of people thought I wasn’t capable of writing songs when I was in Hurricane.”

The songs are all vocal-based and focus on catchy, upbeat choruses. They are backed by acoustic guitars while ‘Across The Waves’ is dominated by a piano line. ‘Think Of You That Way’ takes its inspiration from Teenage Fanclub in its extensive harmonies and strong chorus.

“I wanted every one to be a catchy single that everyone could sing along to” Alex told nme.com. “Summer all-year-round songs, that sort of thing.”

A spokesperson for Alan McGee confirmed the new label would be called Poptones and said, while it had made no official signings that could be confirmed, McGee did have some acts in mind. He said that McGee was currently concentrating on Malcolm McLaren’s campaign for London mayor but hoped to have his label up and running by early summer.