Hurts’ Theo Hutchcraft reveals he nearly lost an eye while filming ‘Blind’ video

The Manchester duo have released a trailer for the video

Hurts‘ Theo Hutchcraft has revealed how he nearly lost an eye while filming the video for new single ‘Blind’.

The frontman told the Daily Record newspaper that he required emergency surgery on his eye after he fell down a flight of stairs and punctured his face on an iron gate while filming the promo in Spain.

Speaking about the accident, he said: “I was running and I fell from the top of the stairs all the way down and into an iron gate. I had eight stitches and nearly had no eye. It was quite horrible.”

He added: “I was in Spain and went to A&E covered in blood. The doctor told me another half-centimetre and I would have no eye. The anaesthetic didn’t work so I felt every single stitch go in which wasn’t very pleasant so I was like, get me out of here. We were making a video so I was like, let’s go. Having a black eye and stitches only added to the video of the drama.”

The singer said he has had to endure taunts from his friends who believe his story to be a cover-up for being punched by a jealous boyfriend. “Everyone I’ve told has gone, ‘Yeah yeah’,” he said. “People kept asking if I was sure I didn’t just wink at the wrong girl.”

Hurts will release the ‘Blind’, a track taken from their new album ‘Exile’, and the accompanying video on Thursday (April 4). Earlier today, frontman Theo Hutchcraft tweeted the link to the trailer with the caption: “BLIND. 04.04.13.”

The duo recently announced a pair of October UK dates. Hurts will play Manchester Apollo on October 25 and London Troxy (26).