Hurts: ‘We’ve forgotten how to write new material’

The duo reveal doubts when it comes to album number two

Hurts have revealed that they are having doubts about their next album.

Speaking exclusively to NME they said they were worried about penning new material to the follow up to their self-titled debut.

Adam Anderson said: “We’re going to try and make some new music at some point,” before turning to his bandmate Theo Hutchcraft and asking: “Can you remember how?”

Hutchcraft said: “No, I can’t.” “We’re fucked then,” replied Anderson.

The band recently said that they would have to “get depressed” before writing a new album.

“It was so intense writing the first album that it’s nice for us just to relax go out and play the songs,” Hutchcraft said. “Starting the new one, we’ve got to get our heads around where it’s gonna go and what it’s gonna be, but it’ll be fine. Come the end of the year, I expect we’ll be well on our way.”

He added: “Plus, we’ve got to get depressed again [to write]! And that doesn’t really happen when you go around playing festivals. We have to engineer some sort of catastrophe to make us feel miserable again. We’re trying to work it out at the moment, actually. Some sort of accident, maybe.”