Hurts, The Walkmen and Carole King pay tribute to songwriter Jerry Leiber

Artists offer condolences after death of rock'n'roll pioneer

Artists including Hurts, The Walkmen and Carole King have paid tribute to Jerry Leiber.

The legendary songwriter, along with musical partner Mike Stoller, helped pioneer rock’n’roll. Together they were responsible for some of the best known songs of all time, including ‘Hound Dog’ and ‘Jailhouse Rock’, both hits for Elvis Presley, The Coasters’ ‘Yakety Yak and The Drifters’ ‘On Broadway’.

Referencing another of Leiber and Stoller’s classics ‘Stand By Me’, Hurts’ Theo Hutchcraft wrote:

RIP Jerry Leiber. ‘The night has come & the land is dark…’

Carole King, who worked with the duo at the iconic Brill Building in the 1960s before branching out as a solo artist, took to Twitter to pay her respects.

“Farewell, Jerry Leiber: a legend, a friend, and a major influence on Goffin and King. Rest in peace.”

The Walkmen, meanwhile, composed a special blog over on their website, posting links to their favourite Leiber and Stoller songs.

Chic founder Nile Rodgers, who revealed he was admitted to hospital following complications with his recovery from cancer this week, also wrote a touching tribute to Leiber. You can read it here.

Film-maker Edgar Wright expressed his feelings on his Twitter, too, listing his favourite Leiber songs.

“Too many musical legends passing away today,” he wrote, a nod to Nick Ashford, who also died this week, signing off with a link to a scene from David Lynch film Wild At Heart in which Nicolas Cage sings Leiber and Stoller standard ‘Love Me’.

Finally, Mike Stoller released a statement saying:

He was my friend, my buddy, my writing partner for 61 years. He had a way with words. There was nobody better. I’m going to miss him.

The songs of Leiber and Stoller were covered by countless artists, including The Beatles, who recorded a medley of ‘Kansas City’ and Little Richard‘s ‘Hey Hey Hey’ on ‘Beatles For Sale’ and John Lennon, who reworked Stand By Me on his 1975 album ‘Rock N Roll’.

Lady Gaga also performs ‘Stand By Me’ live, which you can watch below.