Hurts narrowly avoid ‘death by amazing women’ – Tabloid Hell

Electro duo chased through Germany by hysterical fans

Hurts were nearly involved in a head-on car accident in Germany recently after being chased by hysterical fans, it’s been revealed.

According to the tabloids, the electro duo were driving through the city of Dresden when they found themselves being pursued by two car loads of female fans.

Speaking to The Sun, singer Theo Hutchcraft said that he was rather rattled by the experience at first. “We felt like Sarah Connor in The Terminator,” he said. “It was terrifying.”


However, when he realised that all the passengers pursuing him were female, his fear subsided. He said they felt much better when they realised they were girls. “Death by amazing women isn’t a bad way to go,” he quipped.

Hurts recently confirmed that they will play the Latitude Festival in July.

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