Hurts announce ‘beginning of a bold odyssey’ with new single ‘Some Kind Of Heaven’ – listen

Duo return with first new music in two years ahead of third album release

Hurts have revealed new single ‘Some Kind Of Heaven’, their first piece of new music in two years.

‘Some Kind Of Heaven’ was unveiled today (May 28) via Facebook, with the band writing: “Ladies and Gents, we are very pleased to present our new single ‘Some Kind Of Heaven’. The beginning of a bold odyssey. Enjoy!”

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The track follows on from the electronic pop duo’s 2013 album ‘Exile’ and 2010 debut ‘Happiness’. The band are expected to release their next album later this year, but details have not yet been revealed.

Listen to ‘Some Kind Of Heaven’ now beneath.

Hurts spoke about their next album in an interview last year, saying: “We always try to make an album that covers all points of interest and I think that we’re developing. Doing these two records and pushing it to the extreme in a pop sense with a song like ‘Stay’ and then turning around and doing the opposite, we now know the boundaries in which we exist.”

“Considering the types of song we wrote on our second record, we go in the direction of a song like ‘The Crow’ for instance, which is like a Tarintino-esque mid-Western American sound, or we could go down the route of a song like ‘The Road’ which is very Nine Inch Nails or we could go the opposite way entirely and make a huge pop record but I guess that it will always fit with us,” singer Theo Hutchcraft told Gigwise.