Hurts start work on third album

The band say there's a 'variety of paths' they could take with their new material

Hurts have revealed that they have started work on the follow up to their second album, ‘Exile’, which was released earlier this year.

Speaking to Gigwise about what direction their third LP would take, frontman Theo Hutchcraft said: “We’ve started writing songs, but there’s a variety of paths that we can go down.”

He revealed: “For us, it’s always really exciting because we never really know where we’re going. I guess we make pop music, but there are lots of different forms that it can take and we never really know where it’s going to until we start making music.”

Hutchcraft added that fans of the synthpop duo won’t have to wait too long to hear their new album. “It’s definitely not going to be as long a wait this time, we want to keep working. The gap between albums last time was two and a half years, which was because we got swept up in it and had no time, but now we’re constantly making music and new things…”. Hurts released their debut album ‘Happiness’ in 2010.

Earlier this year Hurts spoke to NME about being asked to write a song for the Eurovision Song Contest.