Hurts discuss progress on their ‘big, powerful, personal, pop’ new album

'We're definitely on to something special'

Hurts have revealed that their upcoming fourth album is set to be a ‘big, powerful, personal, pop’ record.

The Manchester synth-pop duo returned last week with ‘a celebration of individuality’ in the form of ‘Beautiful Ones’ – featuring a video written and co-directed by frontman Theo Hutchcraft himself. Now he’s said that it’s just a small taster of what’s to come.

Speaking of progress on the album so far, Hutchcraft told NME: “It’s been great. There has been a flurry of material and it’s been some of the best we’ve ever made. That makes us feel really confident and really excited about getting out there. There will be more to come, we’re definitely on to something special, it feels really good.”


Asked about what direction in sound they’re taking with new material, Hutchcraft said: “It’s hard to tell really. I guess this time we tried to just make a big pop record, and it’s got echoes of all three records. I think that’s what we often take from it.

“There are all these avenues we’ve gone down in the past, take a little bit from there, little bit from here. But overall we just wanted to make a big, powerful pop record and that’s definitely the track we’re on, so it feels good.”

As for the lyrics on the album, Hutchcraft continued: “We’ve just been a bit more personal on this record. I think often our records are very open and personal but I think it’s been interesting to explore different parts of myself and tell different stories. I think it’s something I’ve always enjoyed and songs like ‘Wonderful Life’, ‘Rolling Stone’, all those ones, they’re all stories. We learn how to open up and we have different experiences, I mean we have the strangest experiences!”

And when might we be able to hear it?

“Well, there’s not much more I can say, particularly, but there will be another album and it will be coming. There will be more music this year for sure. So people won’t have to wait, so it’s fine.”


Following their acclaimed third album ‘Surrender’ in 2015 and their recent collaboration with The Courteeners, Hurts have a number of tour dates planned for the summer throughout the European festival circuit:

Fri 9 June – Sat 10 Jun: Radio Argovia Fäscht (Brugg, Switzerland)
Fri 7 July: Õllesummer 2017 (Tallinn, Estonia)
Sat 15 July: EFOTT 2017 (Székesfehérvár, Hungary)
Sat 22 July: The Tall Ships Races Music Festival 2017 (Turku, Finland)
Thu 3 August – Sun 6 Aug: Untold Festival 2017 (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)